Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Overnight Stay And a Satisfying Dinner

We found our way to the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, a free bus ride from the airport if you walk to the Central Bus Station and catch #140 (among a number of others.).

The hotel was reasonably priced by London standards and it's a decent place for a stay near the airport.

We decided to try Indian food tonight. The concierge called a nearby restaurant, Kaniz, that agreed to pick us up.

Our young driver, Musa Ali, works at the restaurant when he's not training as a boxer. He's a member of the British Olympic team, and is thinking about turning pro. He's a bright and personable young man, who must be quite a pugilist as well, so we'll keep an eye on his progress, as we told him we'd do.

Kadiz proves to be a good restaurant. It's the second in the area for this owner. We stayed with dishes we knew, Lamb Tiki Masala and Butter Chicken, and really enjoyed dinner, especially with Naan on the side.

Our flight tomorrow LHR-LAX doesn't part until 10:30 a.m. but we're going to bed early and planning to be up early enough to be at the airport in good time.

YVR-LHR was a warmup. Tomorrow it's LHR-LAX, followed a few hours later by LAX-SYD. Oh the miles we'll earn...

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