Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday Morning In Sydney: What A Darling Harbour

After an extremely satisfying buffet breakfast at glass brasserie in the Hilton (we don't recall ever before seeing Beef Wellington on a breakfast buffet) we stop to admire the statuary on the Queen Victoria Building
across George Street from the Hilton. The stately QVB (Aussies tend to abbreviate a lot) was built in 1898, making it as historic as it would be in our neck of the woods.

We then stroll around Sydney on this gorgeous Fall morning, concentrating our attention on Darling Harbour.

It was on an earlier trip that we walked around the Sydney Tower. It still looks like a long way up and Brian has memories of tiptoeing across the glass floor.

We can see in the distance, past the P&O Pacific Jewel the top of the Coat Hanger, an irreverent Aussie name for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We wander around some more before walking back to the Hilton for a cup of coffee and a planning session for this afternoon.

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