Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another "It's-A-Small-World" Moment In The LAX RCC

We sampled the appetizers in the Westin Lounge, just across from our room, before returning to the airport.

The United TSA security line is putting everybody through the X-Ray scanners, so we conclude it would again be our turn to get a free pre-flight massage.

Hurray, it is not to be, at least today. About the time we're third and fourth in line, the powers-that-be close off the scanner and start putting everybody through the magnetometer instead. What a treat. Still, it's a sad day when the one travel experience we look forward to with dread is transiting the TSA security lines.

We walk into the reasonably quiet RCC and look for a place to sit. Kathy finds a spot across from a young businessman hunched over his computer. He looks up and recognizes us. It's Ivan, a young Flyertalker originally from Europe whom we met at the FlyerTalk Star Alliance MegaDO in 2009.

It turns out Ivan is now based in Seattle, working for a major firm and enjoying his job, as well as the travel associated with it.

We feel remarkably rested - even young Ivan mentioned we looked "fresh" - but we reminded him we may look and feel past our "best-before-date" when we land in Sydney across the International Date Line early on the morning of May 20.

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