Saturday, February 11, 2012

Market Wanderings In Panjim Goa

After lunch, our friendly guide cheerfully escorted us through a couple of open markets. Although they were starting to shut down for the day, it was still interesting.

Even though the surroundings were simple, the seafood was laid out artistically, with an eye to presentation.

These two ladies kindly agreed to have their photos taken.

In fact, they invited another friend into the next photo.

From there it was a short stroll to the fruit-and-vegetable market, which looks as abundant as those we've visited in many other places.

Behold! If only we could remember what the guide told us about it. It looks like a ridge gourd, also known as Gosalem, good for stir-fry, and, when dried, luffa, the source of the luffa sponge. How about that?

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