Friday, February 10, 2012

Lunch In Panjim Goa: Viva Panjim

Our guide steered us to Viva Panjim for lunch. Who are we to argue with Trip Advisor, Fodor's, and the New York Times?

Excellent food and service at bargain prices.

Haley is nursing her Delhi Belly back at the hotel today, Kathy is struggling onward despite it, and Brian is in the early stages of it. We know, therefore, that we can't blame Viva Panjim for our afflictions, and it's a joint we'd happily enjoy again another time.


  1. I just met a fellow blogger from Goa today. Based on your posts and our conversation Goa sounds like an interesting place to visit, and so much cleaner than Delhi.

    1. Absolutely! We'll be adding photos of the beautiful beach near our hotel later. The only factor to consider is that there are a lot of beautiful beaches a lot closer for those of us who live in this part o the world.