Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Eyes Have It

We've already used our NEXUS passes to travel between Canada and the US, and used the Global Entry now attached to our passports to enter the US from abroad.

Yesterday we drove up to the Vancouver Airport to have our irises scanned, enabling us to use Global Entry when flying into Canada from abroad, something we plan to do during the summer.

It's ordinarily a quick drive but we learned that a truck was blocking the Massey Tunnel under the Fraser River. Our GPS found us an efficient way around, using Highway 91, and we arrived at YVR fairly quickly.

From there it was a walk up to the Departure level and about 15 minutes at the official NEXUS office, during which we each took our turn starting into a little machine that was taking pictures of our irises. In fact, we managed to pay for only a half hour of parking at the nearby but expensive lot, a real help at $4.25 per 30 minutes.

From there it was a quick stop at a super market for some good Canadian bread, and an even quicker return drive straight down Highway 99 back to the Peace Arch crossing and home.

Another task completed.

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