Wednesday, May 16, 2012

IAD United Club - Today's Wrinkles

We enjoyed our flight today and we found our way to the C concourse at Dulles, where our flight to LHR departs in about an hour.

In the meantime, it took the friendly employee at the counter a couple of minutes to scan our boarding passes (more United computer problems we suspect), Kathy had to leave the club to use a restroom, since the women's restroom inside is "out of order," and we've had to move from area of the club to another in order to find a usable T-Mobile wireless signal.

Of course, if those are our biggest problems this trip, we'll be doing exceptionally well. Next stop Heathrow...


  1. Sounds like you should've headed over to the LH Lounge in Terminal B.

    1. If only! We would have loved to but didn't think we had quite enough time today to make it there comfortably. We have a connection time of just a little over an hour flying back LHR-IAD and we'll have to remember that spot if we miss our connection.