Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Many Pockets?

We slept fairly well at the SEA Doubletree after a delicious Thai dinner with Avery, Peyton, Lily and their parents.

We caught the 6:00 a.m. shuttle and picked up our boarding passes without a hassle at the UA counter, once we'd scanned our passports. Then it was through the elite line to learn with pleasure that only the metal detectors were in use today, so no need to "opt out" of the X-Ray scanners for an early-morning massage.

One exciting moment ensued as Kathy couldn't find her passport and boarding pass after picking up her belongings at the end of the check point. She realized a long minute later that she'd hastily shoved them into a pants pocket rather than either one of the 17 pockets in her travel vest or another habitual side pocket in our computer bag. The crisis averted, we now sit in the United Club waiting to board our SEA-IAD flight.

So far so good...

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