Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back To Sydney

We've enjoyed a great weekend with other members of FlyerTalk, arranged by local volunteers.
On Saturday we visited a sheep station, where we watched sheep dogs in action and saw an exhibition of shearing. In the afternoon a guide took us through some of the highlights of the very impressive Australian War Memorial and museum. Just before leaving, we attended the closing ceremony and watched a bugler perform the Last Post movingly.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning we toured the old parliament building and in the afternoon we toured the new parliament building. The old one was always meant to be temporary but was used for decades. Both are impressive and certainly represent different styles of architecture and decoration. Since the new building only opened in 1988 or so, there's no surprise that it's much more modern. In fact, it must be one of the newest national parliamentary capital buildings in the world, although there have been new countries established during the past few decades.

We'll have photos to post, and we have to see if a short video of the sheep dog in action is going to be entertaining for young grandkids. For now, we have some packing to do in preparation for today's train ride back to Sydney, where we overnight before flying to London.

It's been a terrific weekend.

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