Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainy Edinburgh

That train was faster than Amtrak. We pulled out the GPS for fun and it clocked us at 120 miles per hour (200 Kilometers per hour). It was generally smoother than Amtrak too, although we walked carefully through the carriage when the train was moving.

It was still a four-hour trip and the quarters were cramped. We sat across from two other people with a table separating us. Had we been in the mood, we could have played cards.

It was raining fairly steadily when we arrived. We realized the Haymarket stop, about a two-minute ride past the main Edinburgh station, dropped us within 200 yards of the hotel, which we found with ease.

It's charming old property with a modernized interior (but the floors are uneven). We were upgraded to a small room with an amazing bathroom, complete with skylights. The desk clerk told us how impressed he was with it and we see why.

We'll post a photo later but for now it's off to dinner and an early bed-time.

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