Sunday, May 20, 2012

At LHR: "...Or Anything That Could Be Used As a Weapon?"

That's the question we've regularly been asked at LHR as part of the security script before we even get to the check-in counter.

It was official school board policy in our pre-retirement district to forbid such items, but what does it mean? Among other things, it makes it too easy to accuse someone of carrying something dangerous.

Brian had the effrontery today to tell the employee it was a silly question, because almost any object can theoretically be used as a weapon, and not only by ninjas.

The employee snapped back, "No it isn't," so Brian had to point out the employee could strangle Brian with the lanyard he was wearing to display his ID. At that, the employee scowled and waved us on. He's probably still fantasizing about strangling Brian. Besides, if an important part of your life's work consists of asking that question, you're understandably going to feel insulted when some foreign tourist calls it "silly."

Other than that little glitch, it's not surprise that security continues to be less unpleasant than in the U.S. The shoes stay on, all we saw today were the traditional walk-through metal detectors (although the newer technology is apparently mandatory here when available, with no "opting out" allowed), and we were through and into the Star Alliance Lounge within a few minutes.

We're due to board the first flight of the day in about 45 minutes and hope to catch some sleep on the way to San Francisco.


  1. Hilarious! Glad you didn't get in trouble... ;)

  2. "Fredd" posted about this experience on FlyerTalk and got some amusing reactions here: