Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sydney: Pleasant Company - Forgettable Food

We met eight other members of FlyerTalk for an informal dinner at Tony Roma's, near Darling Harbour and about a 10-minute walk from the Hilton.

This venue was chosen because it was also close to the Four Points Sheraton, where one couple was staying, and because one of the attendees had some discount coupons.

We knew all of the others from past Oz Fests, and the congenial company made it a pleasant occasion. As to the restaurant, we wouldn't return there. First, the food is ridiculously expensive. See for yourself. We both chose hamburgers, which arrived undecorated and accompanied by tiny cup of slaw and some french fries. At $20 it was one of the cheapest items on the menu. Second, the food wasn't very good at all. Somebody ordered a rare steak and it arrived well done, so he sent it back and ordered ribs (oddly enough, our hamburgers were cooked rare, despite our asking for medium). The ribs didn't look that appealing to us, but we didn't taste any.

We notice that the American Trip Advisor reviewers are far less impressed with this joint than are the Australians. We concur.

Tonight we'll "dine in" at the Hilton Executive Lounge, which offers sushi, along with quite a number of other delights.

The company last night was delightful, so it was a successful evening, even with mediocre and overpriced food. It only whetted our appetite for the upcoming Oz Fest activities in Canberra.

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