Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sydney: Sea Bay Chinese Restaurant Is A Winner

We decided to seek out some Chinese food for lunch today and wandered off toward a nearby neighborhood with no particular place in mind. We actually saw quite a number of Japanese and Korean restaurants but few if any Chinese joints until we stumbled upon the Sea Bay Restaurant at 372 Pitt Street.

It's a nondescript little place next to an "adult" book store. You enter by sliding a garage-type door to one side. It took us awhile to figure where the entrance was but we're glad we did.

Once seated, we asked the two men next to us how they were enjoying their potstickers. "They're great." That was recommendation enough for us and we likewise ordered two plates of fried pork and vegetable dumplings.

The very friendly manager came by in 10-15 minutes to explain it takes awhile because each order is made fresh. He said, "I tell people if they're in a hurry to go to McDonalds." We weren't in any hurry and ready to wait.

When the dumplings arrived, we mixed our own dipping concoction out of the soy sauce, dark vinegar, and chili sauce on our table. They were hot inside, and too big to handle comfortably with chopsticks, or certainly to pop into the mouth in one bite. The challenge was worth it though: They were absolutely delicious.

We were stuffed and all for the total of $10.80 a plate, a real bargain in Australia, and especially in comparison to certain other restaurants where a hamburger can cost twice as much.

We took our time walking the few blocks up busy Pitt Street back to the Hilton.

Once back at the hotel, we weren't surprised to learn that this hole-in-the-wall is in the top 10% of Trip Advisor's Sydney restaurants. Next time we'd probably order one plate of the dumplings and try one of the other dishes on the Northern Chinese menu. We're guessing it would be hard to go wrong here.

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