Monday, April 4, 2016

Changsha: Lunching With Larry at Huo Gong Dian- the "Fiery Furnace"

We gather this is one of the main restaurants for tourists in Changsha, as it's rated Number 3 on Trip Advisor after a burger joint and a deli. Changsha is not exactly a Mecca for western tourists, but we're enjoying our stay and we liked this restaurant.

Hunan cuisine is actually spicier than Szechwan (Sichuan) cuisine, but it is oilier, and uses more vinegar to create a hot and sour Yin and Yang, which is considered by many to be healthier.

The restaurant features familiar looking Dim Sum. They asked us to walk over to choose, but we gather they wheel carts around when the restaurant is busy enough.

We just chose a couple to start us off.

We also bravely agreed to try the locally famous Stinky Tofu, and discovered that we like it. People here line up at stands to take some away as a snack.

Our main course consisted of spicy pork and beef dishes, accompanied by small bowls of rice. Larry described them as mild to medium, but they were plenty spicy for us. He also told us he preferred his dishes at about this level of heat.

For dessert we had sweet little boiled sticky rice balls, served in a brown sugar sauce - quite yummy.

After this filling lunch, Larry took us by one of the little stands where we could catch a glimpse of Stinky Tofu being prepared.

We then walked onward to our next stop with full tummies.

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