Sunday, April 17, 2016

Doing Nothing Much in Lima

Kathy's leg makes mandatory a much more leisurely itinerary.

After a late breakfast in the Hilton lounge Saturday morning, we decided to take a taxi down to Larcomar, the shopping center where we could pick up the train tickets we bought. That train will take us from a spot near Cusco to Aguas Calientes, the village near Machu Picchu.

The concierge offered us the choice of a Hilton car for US $12 or a regular car for 10 Soles (about $3), an easy choice.

Kathy got her foot stuck under the front seat in the small car but we managed. Picking up the tickets once we were dropped off proved to be no problem.

Along the way, we watched hang gliders swooping over the shopping center as they descended toward the beach below.

From there we walked over to a nearby drugstore and picked up some Acetazolamide, a medication to prevent or minimize altitude sickness. Cusco sits at 11,152 feet or 3,399 meters.

We walked back to the hotel and stopped for lunch at Papachos, a great hamburger joint recommended to us by a German Flyertalk friend - small world!

And today (Sunday) we fly to Cusco.

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