Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sumac Lounge at LIM

Yma Sumac was a renowned Peruvian-American soprano featured in recordings and movies. She specialized in "exotic" music and had an amazing five-octave vocal range.

She was no doubt one of the most famous Peruvians of all time.

The least Peru could for her was to name an airport lounge after her (no doubt they've done more elsewhere).

Our Business First United ticket gave us access to this quite pleasant facility. After traversing the security checkpoint and passport control in priority lines (a cane and leg brace come with a few fringe benefits), we can relax for a couple of hours here before boarding our 12:35 a.m. flight.

We moved to an adjoining room that seems quieter and cooler, with a view of the control tower through a huge skylight. We eventually figured out it's open to the sky.

What a great place to get some fresh air before boarding our six and a half hour flight to Houston.

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