Friday, April 22, 2016

Touring Peru's Sacred Valley - Part One

Our driver and guide picked us up at our hotel at the appointed 8:00 a.m. Time. We hadn't looked recently and thought it was 8:30 a.m., so a quick coffee in the restaurant was all we could manage.

If this were a novel, analysts would describe this as an incident of foreshadowing, as we'll describe later. We'd packed essentials for two nights into our two small bags and left our remaining bag with the hotel.

Our other rollaboard remains at the Hilton in Lima, the first and probably only time we have left luggage simultaneously at two different hotels several hundred miles apart.

We first stopped to admire a mountain, the first of many we would see. Sellers are everywhere.

Maria, our guide, and Kathy (on right)

After driving for awhile longer, we stopped at a very nice tourist trap to watch the local people weaving all sorts of things. The people were so friendly and the demonstrations so interesting (especially how they make dyes) that we succumbed and bought an alpaca table runner, something no home should be without.

Our new table runner..,

How about those braids?
Then it was onward to the next stop.

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