Saturday, February 15, 2020

Balsamic Vinegar: Sweet Intensity

Laura next takes us to visit Acetaia Picci, a producer of balsamic vinegar.

Mario, the owner and only full-time producer in the comune of Cavriago, sells most of his product to a co-op, but also produces and bottles his own.

He’s just a few miles away from Modena, but modestly considers his aceataia superior to that of the Modena producers, and notes that his is made only from grape must, with no additives.

This desirable vinegar is nurtured in up to five separate  barrels, being transferred in ever-decreasing quantities into successively smaller barrels, each one made of a different kind of wood (chestnut wood, for example) imparts color).

The vinegar ages in open barrels covered with cloth.

After a tour of the charming old house, Marco offers us a tasting, and we buy two of his own bottles to carry home.

No wonder this area is considered one of the world’s true food capitals.

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