Sunday, February 16, 2020

Firenze to Venezia on Italo Treno

We say farewell to the Hilton Garden Inn Florence Novoli after an excellent breakfast and walk about a hundred yards to the tram stop.

We board a busy Sunday morning tram and ride the 10 minutes to the train station stop.

Florence is a major station, so the trains stop at “dead end” platforms.

The big sign only show the departure platform about 10 minutes in advance, so we’re among many perusing 
It with interest.

Finally em we read that 8910 departs on Binario 10 and we arrive just as the train does.

The carriage locations are also clearly marked, and we board and find our seats with no trouble.

This may be our first trip on Italo Treno, and so far it seems just like Trenitalia. We’re due to arrive in Venice at 2:55PM, a pleasant 2 hour 20 minute ride.

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