Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Everything Works Out

We arrived in Milan safe and sound. At LHR we were worrying about three disturbing developments.

Kathy thought she’d left a couple of batteries on board our flight.

An email from Trenitalia seemed to indicate our train trip was canceled as a result of a serious train wreck last week.

Hainan Airlines has now canceled our March flights to Shanghai but the link they provided for credit doesn’t work.

By the time we checked in at the excellent Milan Hilton, everything has worked out.

We stood in line at the Milan central train station for a half hour and got tomorrow’s train trip rescheduled with no problem. The employee was friendly and helpful to boot.

We found the missing batteries in a suitcase.

The fact that Hainan has itself canceled the flight should make it that much easier to be guaranteed a refund.

Our room is very nice.

The Executive Lounge Happy Hour features Tanqueray Gin, a variety of pleasing Italian wines, and a decent Carpaccio, among other delights.

Our long travel day is ending very happily.

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