Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Trattoria Novegro 11 - What a Find Near Linate Airport!

Every so often, a website pays off. In this instance it was Trip Advisor as we checked in at the Marriott Moxy Hotel near Linate Airport.

We followed Google Maps with some trepidation, but a quiet walk through back streets on a fairly direct route delivered us to Trattoria Novegro 11 in 10 leisurely minutes.

No prices on the menu? Tourist trap? No, not at all. We must have been at least as entertaining to the locals as they were to us, all sitting at long tables in this tiny joint.

We ordered a risotto with sausage and a tagliatelle to start. They were excellent. Actually, it this first risotto of the trip and it was outstanding.

This was also the best bread we’ve encountered.

For a second course we selected the ribs...

The owner recommends the three mozzarellas, which was an interesting taste in contrasts, from fresh to smokey.

A simple salad of butter lettuce complemented the main dishes nicely.

The owner poured us each a generous sip of Limoncello (after a liter or so of red wine out of a big jug) and added up the evening’s bill to €40.

We pressed a few more euros on him for the ladies in the kitchen. What a memorable evening in this literal “Mom and Pop” operation for our last night of the trip.

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