Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wandering Parma

A quiet day to stroll down as far as the Old Town.

This is a statue of a 16th century painter born in Parma.


Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola, also known as Francesco Mazzola or, more commonly, as Parmigianino,

We engaged in some people watching at a café on Piazza Garibaldi.

Back in our room, we enjoy the splendid view of the train station from our little balcony.

We bought our own snack in a little shop. We’re in Parma, after all.

€22.90 a kilo is about €8.80 a pound, or roughly US $9.55 a pound.

We saw bigger chunks and part wheels in the same shop at €17.90 a kilo, or about €8.15 a pound, or roughly US $8.55 a pound, cheaper than Costco at home, which is something over $12 a pound.

Lucky we have lots of space in our rollaboards.

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