Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Heathrow Layover

The service was pleasant on our British Airways flight IAH-LHR, but with a tailwind of as much as 170 mph, according to the captain, we landed even more quickly than normal, leaving little or no time for sleep.

It’s also a funny 2-4-2 Business Class configuration, with alternating forward-facing and backward-facing seats arranged in a way almost reminiscent of the old love seats. There are privacy screens that can be raised between the seats.

We’re leaving for Milan from the same Terminal 5 where we arrived and we’re hanging around the North BA Galleries Lounge.

The highlight for Brian is a long and luxurious shower,  especially after a nearly 30-minute wait in the security line.

We got an email informing us that our train from Milan to Bologna tomorrow has been canceled, all in Italian of course. Thank goodness for Google Translate.

Our Milan Hilton is across the street from the Stazione and we’ll hope to find another way to Parma, where a cheese and ham tour is on Friday’s schedule.

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