Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Cluster of Fun With United at FRA

We just got settled in the Senator Lounge when an announcement suddenly came to board.

We left a bit hastily and walked to the gate. We both answered the security questions and got in line.

Then Brian's name was called. He was selected for random secondary screening. Off he went but it wasn't all that bad, consisting of checking his bags for explosive residue and checking his shoes and - tickle tickle - feet.

Then it was back to the queue where Kathy hadn't moved an inch.

Once we got to the gate, they tried to separate us. Then there was a minor hassle when we tried to use the elevator, which is for "wheelchairs only." We prevailed.

We boarded this 747 via a bus and a remote gate. Crazy!

Anyway, here we are in the front row. Given recent events, it's unclear whether we're officially boarded, but so far so good.

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