Thursday, April 6, 2017

Aboard Riviera: docked at Tangier, Morocco

This is our next-to last stop before we disembark at Barcelona Sunday morning.  We've visited Agadir and Casablanca on previous cruises (and also docked at Tangier) and chose to stay on board today. This is close enough for this trip.

Look at the differing colors of the ocean in two shots taken one after the other. Clouds, angles, etc.

It's been a great cruise, despite a few bumps from the Atlantic along the way. Meclizine (Bonine or Bonamine) is our friend.

The other night three other couples and we were invited to dine with Riviera's General Manager, Damien LaCroix.

He's a charming young Frenchman with a perpetual smile. We've sailed with him before and welcomed the chance to sit down with him in the Grand Dining Room. As with other such occasions on Oceania, it wasn't at all stuffy; in fact, it was fun.

We've also dined most evenings with Bud and Jesse, our Toronto friends from previous Oceania cruises, and we've been members of the same Trivia team, always a lot of fun. Yes, we've won points many (Ed. Note "some") if not most days.

The two best features of Oceania remain the food and the employees. We've been thoroughly spoiled. As usual, there will be a period of adjustment once we're off the ship and back in the real world.

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