Monday, April 17, 2017

Venice Restaurant: Return to Majer

We dined here with Taegan last year and quite enjoyed it.

We decided to return last night and strolled from the Hilton along the promenade fronting the Venetian Lagoon separating the island of Giudecca from the main Venetian islands. The view of the Venice skyline is magical.

Over two bridges and past the vaporetto stop and there it was.

We enjoyed our dinner, although it wasn't as much fun without a granddaughter.

We shared the "grilled" mussels appetizer advertised on the menu.

We told our server (an owner?) that we'd never tried grilled mussels. She told us almost indignantly "We steam them in the oven with some water. You can't grill mussels."

They were served in a Le Creuset skillet and proved to be tasty steamed mussels.

We soaked up the delicate sauce with bread.

For our main dishes, Kathy chose lasagne and Brian picked a fresh tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce. Both were tasty, but lacked even a hint of tomato. On balance, we prefer "our" versions, but it's interesting to try other interpretations.

Friendly place with good food.

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