Thursday, April 20, 2017

VCE-FRA: United Flight Delay

We disembarked from the vaporetto at the airport, took the moving sidewalks to the terminal, and had a belated coffee and mediocre breakfast in the contract Marco Polo Lounge before boarding our mildly delayed Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. 

It was a decent enough flight for Economy, especially in the exit row seats Kathy found us on the A321.

We landed late, and found ourselves in a traffic jam going by bus from our remote gate to the terminal.

A Lufthansa pilot on the escalator told us that is quite common.

Our UA flight to San Francisco is delayed
by at least an hour, supposedly due to a broken windshield.

We'll see what develops as we relax in a very pleasant - and quiet - Lufthansa Senator Lounge.

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