Sunday, April 16, 2017

Showering Our Way to Venice

We took showers in Hong Kong to ready ourselves for our 12-hour flight to London.

Now at LHR with a nearly four-hour layover before flying onward to Venice, we each luxuriated in showers in the British Airways Galleries Lounge (one floor down in actuality as part of their spa).

We weren't expecting anything soecial, but they're among the nicest lounge showers we've ever used, with a choice of a rain shower and two other heads, plus little water jets, a steady temperature  and lots of pressure. Sheer pleasure!

It's only a couple of hours to Venice, but once there we face a 90-minute water bus ride to our hotel after a hefty walk from the terminal, albeit much of it on moving walkways installed since the last time we landed at VCE.

We're definitely showered and ready.

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