Friday, April 14, 2017

Chengdu "Lost Plate" Food Tour Part 3

It's back into the tuk-tuks as the drivers (all wide awake, unlike our morning cabbie) navigate us through Friday-night traffic to our next stop on the tour.

We extricate ourselves and walk along an alley into a residential area. 

We reach an apartment building, walk up stairs made largely of recycled materials (no building inspector checked these) to a ground-floor apartment, enter through a window with the glass removed, and down steps into the apartment / restaurant- low overhead in more ways than one!

Mama is sitting in the corner making dumplings and soon the food arrives

Ling explains the dishes and the balancing of favors (only 30% of Szechuan/Sichuan food is spicy hot), but we mainly just enjoy.

Then it's off to our next stop. It's been a beautiful day for Chengdu. A recent rain cleared the usual pollution away and the skies were clear, with a high temperature of about 80 degrees F / 27 C. All of these intimate dining venues are warm, and we appreciate the intervals of fresh and cooling outside air more and more as the evening progresses.

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