Friday, April 14, 2017

Chengdu "Lost Plate" Food Tour Part 4

We arrive at our next little joint. We check out the variety of sauces and other ingredients.

A glance at the menu reveals we wouldn't have a clue what to order - or avoid - on our own.

We also catch of our first glimpse of a Sichuan-style hot pot, a very different style from cook-your-own hot pots in other parts of China.

Food appears and we try everything from noodles to custard-type desserts.

Ling demonstrates how to stir up the noodles and sauce, as the cute young Chinese-Norwegian girl and the rest of us watch (Ling's assistant is on her left immediately below).

Another mama is making dumplings in a corner. 

We idly wonder how many hundreds (thousands?) of others are making them on Friday night in this city of 15 million. 

Then it's on to our next stop.

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