Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Long Trip Begins

We were granted a 2PM checkout as the Hilton is booked tonight.

We left our bags, walked back to the ICONSIAM Mall, much quieter today, and watched an entertaining movie in their HUGE cinema, The Green Book.

The mall features a fountain (waterfall?) splashing down from the ceiling too.

We left the mall a little after 7, picked up our bags, and took the Hilton boat across the river.

We didn’t notice until we’d disembarked that they’d dropped us st the Shangri-La Hotel, so we had to walk 10 minutes to the MRT.

We bought tickets, and eventually made it to the airport well over an hour later.

The airport is really crowded and it takes a long time for the Japan Airlines agent to check us in.

Priority security and immigration aren’t too bad and we make it to the JAL Sakura Lounge just before 10PM.

This gives us a chance to cool off with an Asahi Beer before our 11:00PM boarding.

It’s five hours to Narita. After a three-hour layover, we fly for 10 hours or so to land in Delhi tomorrow evening.

We hope for some sleep time on both flights.

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