Saturday, January 12, 2019

An Indian Highlight: Chef Lokesh Mathur’s Jaipur Cooking Classes

We realize this is going to be a special event as soon as Geetika, the wife of Chef Lokesh, warmly welcomes us into their home and ushers us downstairs to meet the chef in his office before moving us into his working kitchen.

Everything is superbly organized, including a copy of the agreed-upon menu, ingredients and directions, and even complimentary aprons.

From there it’s a beautifully designed experience that includes smelling, tasting, explaining, and demonstrating as Chef Lokesh makes the preparation from scratch of a multi-course meal look almost easy.

First comes a detailed explanation of the spices and other ingredients.

Then it’s time to start prepping and cooking.

Some ingredients and implements are  familiar, while others, like  asafoetida powder, are new to us.

Geetika lights the small charcoal grill at one end of the kitchen (yes, a strong ceiling exhaust fan is on), and soon it’s put to use.

A few finishing details and lunch will be ready.

Our host and hostess escort us upstairs to their dining room and a five-star meal is beautifully laid out almost before we know it.

Chef Lokesh serves us and it takes all our willpower not to overeat. This is without doubt the best Indian cuisine we’ve ever tasted.

As we eat, we talk about travel, food, children, and (our) grandchildren. We are made to feel like friends sharing a meal. 

These four hours have been a food and travel highlight for us. Oh, and we know we won’t be going to bed hungry tonight.

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