Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Heavenly Hainan Flight

Everything was great, from hard product (seat pods) to service and food.

In the following photos, you might get a sense of the way they present the meals. The service is precise but escapes being robotic in the way we’ve sometimes found Asian service to be.

They’re still serving individual bread baskets.

They added a soup spoon (they have two styles) only after we ordered the delicious tomato soup.

The main course was excellent.

After that meal, Brian settled for a simple dessert.

Almost before we knew it (actually about 10 hours later), we were landing in smoggy Beijing, where an employee with our names on a sign whisked us over to get our ongoing boarding passes, and to undergo slow and really intensive transit security screening.

It was well worth it, as a marvelous Hainan Lounge experience awaited us.

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