Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hainan Boarding Passes at Seattle (SEA)

 Two employees opened the Hainan gate at about 9:45AM at S1. Luckily we were third in the queue as it took them over 10 minutes to process us. 

They were concerned to document our BKK departure (an Intra-Asian award on JAL) and the young agent finally took a photo of our TripIt itinerary with her own cellphone.

They are unable to issue our Hainan ongoing PEK-BKK BPs so we’ll go through this again at Beijing Airport, all part of the travel experience.

So so far we’re the only ones in the BA Lounge.

It’s a lovely curved space.

It has a limited choice of food items so far but we’re still full after a big breakfast so we’ll pass on the cheese.

And finally, one hour later, we have company.

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