Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bangkok to Narita on JAL

We cooled off in the BKK Sakura Lounge with beer and some Japanese junk food.

Then it was time to board.

This JL 787 contains terrific pods with a lot privacy, cute little storage areas, and the opportunity to store small bags under the footrest.

We stretched out as soon as we were airborne and managed between three and four hours sleep.

We landed at NRT after a few bumps.

Quite a queue for transit security but the procedure itself was easy. They use some infernal scanner that requires you to turn around in a circle with your hands up in a sad pirouette and we managed without falling down.

After a few hitches we found the Sakura Lounge reasonably near to our next gate and enjoyed great showers and a bite of an eclectic breakfast.

This lounge features a large dining area on its upper floor and a regular lounge on the lower floor, a nicely organized layout.

We feel much better than we expected to and are looking  forward to our 10-hour flight to Delhi on another JL 787 with flatbeds.

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