Sunday, January 13, 2019

Suddenly It’s a Long Travel Day

Just as we’re about to check out of the Hilton Jaipur after a great stay, TripIt notifies us that our SpiceJet non-stop flight to Ahmedabad has been delayed by an hour.

We hang around for awhile and then take an Uber to the airport. Our third Uber here and we suddenly have to modify our settings to allow for cash payment (you never know when cash will come in handy).

The 20-minute ride cost 300 INR, or about US $4.25.

We wait for a half hour and the SpiceJet counter opens.  We had bought up to “Max,” and we pay another $40 to carry our overweight carry-ons on board.

Security is not busy and quite smooth. The trick is to take everything remotely electronic out of the bags along with the liquids.

Max brings us lounge access. After some confusion, we come to realize the lounge is a coffee shop, and we can get some free food if we want it.

It’s lucky we have a place to sit because we get another notice that our flight now won’t leave until 3:45, arriving at 5:05.

As we gaze downstairs at the terminal, we’re crossing our fingers that SpiceJet still runs this non-stop flight today, and we’re happy we built in this extra day’s cushion in Ahmedabad before our monster AMD-SIN-EWR flights that start tomorrow night at 11:05.

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