Friday, January 11, 2019

Our Jaipur Safari

We spent Friday morning in a jeep touring a small rural area outside Jaipur with Amer Jeep Safari.

Our cheerful young guide, Farahn, with the help of a skillful driver, showed us through small villages, farms, and a school. Bonus: Farahn is studying German so he can guide visiting Germans, and Kathy was able to help him a bit during the morning.

Once off the beaten path, the unpaved roads were twisty in places, steep in others, dusty, narrow, and strangely quiet and deserted.

We saw cows, buffalo, pigs, goats, and a few sheep along the way, as well as children.

We visited a rural school, handing out pencils, pens, and candy to the students, who didn’t seem to mind the class interruption.

The school’s physical education teacher, on the left below, introduced us and led us through the classrooms.

On another stop, we watched an older man and woman forging tools. We took a few photos and the woman demanded money.

Brian gave her some but she demanded more and made quite a scene so our guide, driver and we retreated. I doubt he’ll be dropping by there again soon.

We visited a small farm where a potter put on a demonstration and we admired some large carrots.

We were impressed with the serene rural lifestyle we saw so near and yet so far from the chaotic and crowded “Pink City” of Jaipur.

Other than the one pushy old woman, the people were friendly and welcoming.

Our 30-minute taxi rides between the Hilton and Amer Jeep Safari headquarters made the contrast between city and country obvious.

A fascinating morning.

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