Thursday, January 17, 2019

Our Impressions of SQ 22

The Airbus 350 ULR (Ultra Long Range) makes for a very pleasant flying experience, all 17 hours and 20 minutes of it on our flight from Singapore to Newark.

Our seats were significantly better than critics had led us to believe. There are various levels of recline available when it’s not folding into a bed, and there’s more room for the legs than we’d feared, although you do have to angle them into the “cubby” area while it’s in the seat position , unless you snag a bulkhead seat.

Our seats...

The spot for the legs is below the monitor and to the left. One of the three pillows provided is stuffed into m there post-sleep. We found the space more comfortable than it looks but understand why some people don’t like the setup.

Middle and window bulkhead seats...

The Singapore flight attendants are terrific, calling us by name from beginning to end and providing friendly and attentive service.

They convert the seat into a bed and back again on demand. With a little more observation and practice, we could learn to do that for ourselves. The seating pod contains at least three storage areas useful for glasses, cell phone, and even travel T-shirts. They offer some privacy between passengers as well.

We even enjoyed the final twinkly approach into Newark.

This was overall one of our favorite flights ever, and we’ll hop on it again in a minute if the price is right.

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