Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ah, Wilderness! New Zealand Motorhomes

We're very pleased to have rented from Wilderness Motorhomes. Our off-season rate results in a rate not much more than renting a car for a week. What we've rented is a Fiat-based "purpose-built" mini-motorhome that includes almost everything we need for a week of comfort traveling from one high-quality "camping park" to another.

Amanda of Wilderness provided us with a friendly and comprehensive overview of our camper-van. She cleverly explained the various details to Kathy, sensing immediately that Brian wasn't as interested in such petty details as how to turn the propane on.

Our van is just a little larger than our family's "tan van," the Dodge Maxi-Van we had converted into a camping van 'way back in 1980. This one runs on diesel, and it's amazing to buy diesel for 98 New Zealand cents per liter, considering that the NZ dollar is just a bit over 60 cents US at the moment.

Wilderness also provided us with transportation to and from our hotel, access to maps, books, and DVDs, and finally with a complimentary bottle of Lindauer New Zealand Champagne. A classy outfit it is! Cheers, Amanda!

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