Sunday, May 17, 2009

Maori Cultural Show at Taupo

We arrived at our campground just in time to park and to be driven by bus to tour this area, and to watch their dinner show. At some point when we get home we may try to post a video of the poi dance, the three girls spinning the small balls in unison at great speed, but for now we'd recommend this show to anybody. The singing and dancing were great and the Maori folks showed genuine hospitality to a small audience of 15. Incidentally, the tall blonde fellow in the center of the top picture (definitely not a Maori) was appointed our "leader" by the guide as part of the experience. An entertaining evening.

Today we're on our way to the Waitomo Caves, as recommended by our friend Peter. We haven't tried taking pictures of glowworms with our new camera yet. There's always a first time.

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Kim and John said...

Love all the new photos. What an amazing place! Looks like you are having fun!
P.S. It's so funny, everytime we look at your blog and then I close the window, Riley says, "More Grah? More Gah?" and I have to pull it up again so she can look at your picures!