Thursday, May 21, 2009

FlyerTalk Lunch at the Hilton Cairns - Mondo Café

The FlyerTalk Wizards of Oz, as we like to call them, are victims of their own success. Last night's (Thursday) dinner had around 20 attendees and even more folks showed up today for lunch at Mondo's. Next year they'll have to start organizing a Wednesday-morning breakfast for the early-early-birds.

As a bonus, everybody sung a rousing Happy Birthday to Sue Oz, as husband Bill (Itsalongwaydown), one of the chief Oz Fest #6 organizers, let Sue's secret slip, and with the restaurant even delivering up a cute mini-cake.

Fredd and Mrs. Fredd enthusiastically drank a toast or two to Sue Oz's birthday as well.

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