Saturday, May 16, 2009

Driving Ups and Downs in New Zealand

Now that we've been driving on New Zealand's North Island for nearly three days, we're obviously experts on the country. With that caveat, we have a few initial impressions. First, our six-forward-speed Fiat van keeps Brian busy shifting gears on the local hills. Think "rolling hills" and multiply. It's best to take the warning signs seriously, e.g. "slow to 35." Kiwi drivers understand that you're driving a large and somewhat unwieldy rig and reward you with a toot of the horn when you pull over to let them pass.


Peter said...

Brian & Kathy... Glad to hear that you are now Kiwi experts. Hope you enjoy the caves. Are you going to check out the Bay of Islands? Has the weather been reasonable? Enjoy the lifestyle of the KIwis. They always appear so laid back kind of like retired folk.

Cheers Peter

Kathy and Brian said...

Just returned from a 4-hour tour of two caves in a group of six - not the big cave but another glowworm cave that included a raft ride under a canopy of glowworms on the cave ceiling. Amazing!

No, we won't make it to the Bay of Islands this trip. Much to see here and we'll hope to return someday to see more sights.