Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Qantas Sydney Domestic Lounges

As United frequent flyers, we have access to Star Alliance lounges around the world, and we’ve visited some of the more impressive ones in Hong Kong, London, and Copenhagen. None, however, is larger in size than the Qantas Domestic Lounge we visited this afternoon, courtesy of fellow Flyer Talker JohnSydney2000. What a place to while away a couple of hours waiting for a delayed flight.

John hosted us into the Business Lounge, an area reserved for Platinum flyers, and also took us for a walk around the main Qantas Lounge. Between the two lounges, almost the entire second floor of this section of the domestic terminal is occupied. Amenities includes showers, computers, a bar offering wines, beers, and cocktails, and a variety of food including, today, some tasty goulash that we enjoyed for lunch.

Thanks for hosting us, John!

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