Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Travel Day

We'll head to the airport (SYD) fairly early to gain access to the fabulous Air New Zealand Lounge.

The Airport Mercure has been a satisfactory stopover spot, especially since we got a great rate. The shuttle costs AUD $6 each way per person. It isn't much more than a five-minute drive but the concept of the free hotel shuttle is not too common outside North America.

Our travel schedule looks like this:

United 0840
Depart: SYD 1:50 PM
Arrive: LAX 10:14 AM Non-stop
13h 24m
Boeing 747-400
7,483 miles traveled

United 0556
Depart: LAX 11:47 AM
Arrive: SFO 1:09 PM Non-stop
1h 22m
Airbus A319
337 miles traveled

United 0820
Depart: SFO 1:40 PM
Arrive: SEA 3:45 PM Non-stop
2h 5m
Airbus A319
678 miles traveled

So another 8000-and-change miles in our account when we arrive in Seattle just about 25 hours - and still May 27 - after writing this post.

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