Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Mind-Boggling Hilton Waikola Village Resort

The LA Times review sums it up pretty well: This hotel is a fantasy world all its own, perfect for those who love Vegas and Disneyland. Its high-rise towers are connected by silver-bullet trams, boats, and museum-like walkways lined with $7 million in Asian/Pacific reproductions. The kids will love it, but Mom and Dad may get a little weary waiting for the tram or boat to take them to breakfast (sometimes a 20-min. ordeal or a mile-long walk). The 62 acres feature tropical gardens, cascading waterfalls, exotic wildlife, exaggerated architecture, a 175-foot water slide twisting into a 1-acre pool, hidden grottoes, and man-made lagoons, including a dolphin lagoon...

We've further found the resort was estimated to cost well over $300 million to build, that it includes 1200 guest rooms, that the art collection includes 18000 pieces, that it's recently undergone a major renovation after earthquake damage, and on and on...

We were upgraded to the Ocean Tower as Hilton Diamonds, and our room has a lovely view.

Along with the promotional photos of the property, we'll add some of our own here and in the next post. By the way, it's possible to spot Kathy at one end of that very quiet adults-only pool below our room by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

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