Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wandering Around Zurich

The clean and modern Holiday Inn Express at the Zurich Airport proves to be a good choice. Besides its very reasonable price (by Swiss standards) of not much more than $100 per night including breakfast, this hotel offers a free airport shuttle and a free shuttle to and from downtown Zurich.

We enjoy yet another gloriously sunny day as we stroll around our third and final major European city of the trip, through another Old Town and down to Lake Zurich.

The hotel shuttle drops us off and picks us up across the way from the Bahnhof, i.e. the train station.

We consult our little map occasionally but mainly just wander.

During our saunter a strange - weird - sight suddenly catches our eye, something apparently man-made that both hovers and darts above buildings across the canal. Definitely a UFO...

An hour or so later the mystery is solved when we spot this as we walk by a van and several busy-looking men with various pieces of equipment.

We talk to a very pleasant fellow who says his crew has been filming for Swiss Television. His company features little remote-control helicopters which are utilized to shoot up to five minutes of video before having to land and recharge. He provides the name of their company's website, Flying High, with quadro-copters and octo-copters available for hire and for sale. For example, one can buy a "HighEnd Quaddro" for 4,800 Swiss Francs. It was all fascinating even if we're not in the market for one!

We eat a lunch of raclette in a hotel restaurant. It's certainly filling as you melt your pre-sliced cheese on little trays in the T-Fal appliance and then pour it over the various goodies that you've been cooking on top. The little burlap bag was quite full of cooked new potatoes, and they stay warm throughout the meal.

Our final night in the dorm-like annex building of the ZRH Mövenpick, paid for by United Airlines as the result of that 24-hour mechanical delay, is frankly lousy, but it makes us appreciate even more how fortunate we generally are in our travels and we remind ourselves what a terrific trip this has been.

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