Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ZRH Holiday Inn Express

ZRH Holiday Inn Express: good beer, lousy wine, lousier food, but friendly people. Downtown Zurich in the morning.

We texted the above from our wireless phone yesterday. We took the hotel's free shuttle into downtown Zurich and spent several enjoyable hours wandering around the old town and the lakefront (Lake Zurich) while stopping to eat a very tasty and filling raclette in a restaurant.

Along the way, Kathy chatted with a couple of young mothers and we watched as their children threw little pebbles into the river. One assured Kathy (in German of course) that the ducks really liked to eat the pebbles. Cute kids who reminded us of some other cute kids we know.

The photo quality is not good at all but it's fun to post photos from our wireless phone directly here and pretend that we are high-tech folks. Yes, that is Brian's thumb in the upper right-hand corner.

We are sitting in the Swiss Air Senator Lounge right now but we are not awaiting a flight. Details of that will follow shortly, but in the meantime we heartily endorse the ZRH Holiday Inn Express. It was much cheaper than any of the city hotels, the rooms are modern and clean, the breakfast is an adequate and "typically" European collection of cold cereals, cold meats and cheeses, some fruit, some decent breads and pastries (fine croissants) and good coffee. We would definitely book here again, and the free shuttle both to and from the airport and to and from downtown make it an excellent place to stay.

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