Sunday, September 26, 2010

Home and Away

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a quick Issaquah overnight with three cute grandkids and their parents. Emergency paving on I-5 North left only one line open through Everett, a not-so-lovely spot at the best times. Our GPS did warn us and take us around through downtown Everett - that traffic news is its one saving grace.

We spent a couple of hours at the AT&T store and walked out with a different phone - the Samsung Rugby II. Our second Pantech Breeze locked up three times in Washington-Dulles IAD as we were trying to make phone calls and it's time to try something else. For two folks only buying the most basic of phones (well, quad-band phones) and plans, we've spent a lot of time.

After a decent sleep it's up to Chilliwack through some rain to see two more grandkids. We're hoping to hit the Trifecta and see two more in Wenatchee before long.

More photos to follow once we've sorted out our other little techology problem and buy ourselves a new netbook.

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