Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ronald Kurki: The Skiing Poet Of Whistler Mountain

We recently dedicated the following verse to our friend and former colleague Ron Kurki, having written it in, of all places, Albuquerque...

We're writing to you, Ronald Kurki
From the town of Albuquerque.
You may think it somewhat quirky
That we'd send this from Albuquerque.
Our reasoning is no doubt murky,
And some might even call it jerky
Concluding we're a pair of turkeys.
But nonetheless we feel perky.
Our only wish in Albuquerque?
Your Mom had named you Al B. Kurki.

Ron, clearly taking valuable time off from his pre-ski season conditioning regime, responded to us with this...

The Traveling Warners
Their talents always amaze
And now poetry
Leaves me in a daze

I will try
But cannot lie
From google
I find my rhyme

This be the Kurki
Know in the clan
As Rotten Ronnie
Not Al B.

Interestingly enough
There is a cousin
Living in Tennessee
Had such a moniker

Allan is his name
Alas, not with a "B"
But a "G"
Gordon is to blame

Now, I wonder
What the Warner's
In Al B. Kurki
Be drinking

To be so
Quirky And perky and jerky
Like turkeys
In Al B. Kurki

The world lost a great talent when Ron gave up his adults studies on the saxophone in Hope British Columbia some years ago, and we can only hope he continues to write poetry, if only while riding up on the chair.

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Karen said...

Strange, very strange. :)