Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vienna's Gulaschmuseum Restaurant: A Tasty "Tourist Trap"

After feasting on our eyes on the visual art of the Albertina Museum for a couple of hours, we decided to return to a tourist trap we'd finally dared try on one of our previous trips to Vienna, the Gulaschmuseum, which
is, as the owners helpfully explain, a goulash restaurant rather than a museum.

The menu board outside offers just a hint of the choices to be made.

The meals that we ordered from the huge menu printed in six languages (including Chinese and Russian) were possibly not quite as good as we recall, but definitely still tasty and a reasonable value. The Hungarian influence offers a slightly spicier experience than typical Viennese food, and therefore offers a nice change as we head into a couple of heuriger and schnitzel experiences during our upcoming FlyerTalk VIE Waltz-DO.

It's a beautiful day to sit outside with our goulash and our glasses of Grüner Veltliner and watch the world go by.

Anybody who goes hungry in Vienna just isn't trying.

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